There comes a time in every business where we need some custom software.

You might need a new web site, or app, big data, or customer behaviour tracking and profiling. Or you might be starting an automation journey and need to develop a bot. 

As a business gets to a certain size it will often outgrow the off-the-shelf products it started with and you find yourself needing a more tailored product. You might need your own Intellectual property (IPR) or may want to innovate to gain a competitive advantage.


ZEN3 are experienced with building software for travel systems and together we can bring your travel software to life.



Solution design & Product development

We have a proven process of solution design, identifying and extracting requirements and designing technology to meet your businesses needs delivering innovation and increased efficiency and revenues.

Whether it’s a Proof of concept (POC), or a full project, ZEN3 can provide expert consultants, architects, and project managers who are experienced with travel systems.  

Analysis & Design (solution design)

Our consultants work with your team to identify and design a solution which will deliver your project. 

Proof of concept and evaluation

To de-risk the project we recommend building a proof of concept to confirm assumptions and ensure that the stakeholders are in alignment before commencing the project.

Software development 

We agree a schedule and a resource plan and build the project acording to the solution design. We deliver in sprints delivering potentially deployable code every 2 weeks. 

Ready To Get Started?
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