Our frameworks & booking engines

We believe that every company is individual and their technology should reflect their own processes and workflows. however, this doesn’t mean we have to start from scratch for every solution we deliver.


ZEN3 have developed a series of frameworks providing a managed platform,  delivering a cost effective stable environment to build your solution on.




travelSaaS is our flight framework, a combination of global distribution systems, low cost and direct connects to source air content. The platform provides a single standardised XML schema to provide flight search & book.

travelSaaS has pre and post query logic to manage its requests to optimise the inventory. Pre logic sets parameters per origin and destination and post logic sets and controls which provider is used to make the booking.

travelSaaS Edge

travelSaaS edge is an API driven travel framework. It can be used to search and book flight, hotel and ancillary products, a mid-office platform controlling inventory, margins and customer bookings.

travelSaaS edge also provides a packaging option which delivers opaque dynamic-packages as holidays.



Our cruise engine Click2Cruise aggregates and normalises cruise schedule data, and provides a full end to end booking service for major cruise lines.

Natural language processing

We have developed our own natural language processing engine which enables projects to process speech and derive insights, interface with chat bots and a whole range of other services

truly one speech analytics

Built upon our speech platform, truly one monitors and audits call centre operations, providing usable dashboards and post event audit and evaluation.

truly one chat

Our NLP and Chat engine, built to work with a series of cloud and in-house bot platforms. Our framework extends these services to provide a travel centric suite of services providing pre and post sale 24/7 customer services for our clients.

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